March 2017 Sustainable Stock Exchange Highlights

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Seven NASDAQ stock exchanges launch ESG reporting guidance
March 23, 2017
Seven NASDAQ stock exchanges fulfilled their commitment to the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) campaign to provide guidance to issuers on ESG reporting. Nasdaq Nordic and Baltic exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Iceland, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius all launched a voluntary support program on environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure to guide their listed companies.

Bells Ring around the world to signal that Gender Equality is fundamental to business
March 6, 2017
UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative launched a new report with GIZ, which highlights how exchanges can and are advancing UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 on gender equality. Gender equality is a top priority of the international sustainability agenda. Businesses are also improving their practices, developing public-private partnerships, and investing resources to achieve gender equality and long-term financial value. While it is increasingly recognizing that advancing gender equality through business operations and value chains means better talent, higher productivity, more customers, and a stronger bottom line, progress remains slow. To achieve the UN SDGs, the private sector needs to continue to advance at a fast pace.

NYSE launches central repository of ESG reporting resources
March 3, 2017
The New York Stock Exchange, a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange, launched a new central repository of ESG reporting resources on its website. Accompanied by a statement in support of the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative, the new webpage includes a range of tools for listed companies to better understand environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure. As more and more companies listed on NYSE and other exchanges work to meet investor demand for material ESG disclosure, exchanges are providing resources to issuers to help them stay abreast of best practices.

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Invitation to comment: Feedback on International Integrated Reporting Framework
April 30, 2017
The International Integrated Reporting Council is conducting a two-month comment period to encourage feedback on the implementation of the International <IR> Framework. Feedback is being sought from those involved with preparing integrated reports, providers of financial capital and other users of integrated reports, as well as policy makers, regulators, standard setters, assurance providers and academics. The insight gathered will inform the work of the IIRC to ensure we are responding to market needs for guidance and research. The feedback will also inform other aspects of the IIRC’s work including strategy development, policy efforts and <IR> Network activities. The closing date for comments April 30, 2017.

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Webinar: Nasdaq Nordic introduces ESG Reporting Guide
April 20, 2017
Nasdaq’s Nordic and Baltic exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Iceland, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius have issued a voluntary program on environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure to support the listed companies. The guide is part of a commitment to United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative’s “Campaign to Close the ESG Guidance Gap”. Join this free webinar to learn more about:

  • Nasdaq’s sustainability commitment. Lauri Rosendahl, President of Nasdaq Nordic.
  • Information on how the guide can be used. Evan Harvey, Global Head of Sustainability, Nasdaq. 
  • What are the benefits of ESG reporting? Fredric Nyström, Director Responsible Investment at Öhman and Tomi Rintanen, Head of Sustainability at Vaisala share their experiences. 

Ceres Conference 2017: Sustainability Is The Bottom Line
April 26-27, 2017
Held in San Francisco, attendees will hear from leaders who are catalyzing breakthroughs on sustainability issues such as investing in clean energy, ensuring just treatment of workers, building sustainability-competent boards, promoting gender equality in business and governments, and climate risk disclosure.

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Shenzhen and Luxembourg launch new green bond index series
March 24, 2017
The Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange have launched a green bond index series, including the first Chinese green bond index to provide synchronous quotes between China and Europe. The new index series will act as a market benchmark for the increasingly mainstream green bond market in China, and may serve to underlie future investment products including exchange-traded funds.

S&P Dow Jones Indices Launches S&P Green Bond Select Index
March 9, 2017
Dow Jones Indices announced its launch of the S&P Green Bond Select Index which captures the most liquid and tradeable segment of green-labeled bonds issued globally. Using market value-weighted characteristics of the S&P Green Bond Index, the S&P Green Bond Select Index measures the performance of green-labeled bonds, which finance environmentally-friendly projects. Only green bonds that fulfill a strict set of requirements, such as designation of “green” by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), a debt rating aligned with its credit quality and a minimum outstanding par value are eligible for inclusion.


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