Cyprus Stock Exchange

Exchange entity Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE)
Conducts business in Cyprus
Number of listed companies (dec./16, WFE) 81
Domestic market capitalization (in Millions USD, dec./16, WFE) 2,531
Has signed the SSE Commitment Letter? No
Has prepared SSE Communication to Stakeholders? No
Requires ESG reporting as a listing rule? No
Offers written guidance on ESG reporting? No
Offers ESG related training? No
Provides sustainability-related indices? No
Has green bond listings? No
Additional Information
  • The Cyprus stock exchange auctions Emissions Allowances which are given by the EU. Trading of emissions allowances through auctions is part of an EU plan to reduce GHG emissions. Source
  • The 2012 Annual Report references the development of CSR but there is no further information. Source
Organizational model of stock exchange
  • Governmental not for profit
Regulatory bodies
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
Regulatory model
  • Limited Exchange Self-Regulatory Organization Model The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission holds most of the regulatory power in Cyprus as it regulates and monitors the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The organization also has the ability to enforce laws and regulations through various means.
About the stock exchange
  • Location: Nicosia, Cyprus The Cyprus Stock Exchange was established as a legal entity in the form of a public corporate body under the Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchange Laws and Regulations which were passed by the House of Representatives in 1993 and 1995, respectively. The first trading session on the Cyprus Stock Exchange was held on March 29, 1996. Source