SSE Engagement

Stock Exchanges can engage by:

  • Join the SSE as a Partner Exchange – there are no fees for being a member of the United Nations SSE. We only ask Partner Exchanges make a good faith effort to participate in our work streams as their time and resources permit. To find out more about becoming a Partner Exchange, you can visit our FAQ page or contact us at
  • Make use of the SSE Model Guidance and WFE recommendations on ESG reporting to help guide your listed companies in reporting environmental, social and governance factors.
  • Communicate your own sustainability initiatives with your stakeholders with the SSE Communications with Stakeholders template.
  • Make use of our guidance, tools and publications. Visit the  SSE website’s Data and Research section for guidance on advancing sustainability in our markets, including the Best Practice Guidance Document.
  • Engage other stakeholders by holding a Regional Dialogue, creating new sustainability products, hosting a workshop on a specific topic or fostering partnerships. The SSE Secretariat is happy to facilitate this.
  • Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Join the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE)’s sustainability working group. The Sustainability Working Group undertakes original research, promote the discussion over ESG issues among the members of WFE and makes recommendations to member exchanges.

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Investors can engage by:

  • Join the PRI’s SSE Investor Working Group, chaired by Aviva Investors, that engages with stock exchanges and regulators to enhance listing rules and/or regulatory initiatives to require the disclosure of sustainability strategies among listed companies.
  • Engage with the SSE as an investor supporter. To learn more contact Elodie Feller at
  • Incentivise stock exchanges and regulators to define disclosure requirements by showing your support for SSE Campaigns, investing in sustainable products, and making your interests known.

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 Companies can engage by:

  • Join the Global Compact’s SSE Corporate Working Group to lend your voice to the discussion and encourage your stock exchanges to undertake sustainability activities. Contribute to the global discussion on a baseline listing standard to improve transparency. Email for more information.
  • Incentivise stock exchanges and regulators to define disclosure requirements by showing your support for SSE Campaigns, updating your corporation’s reporting practices to include ESG information, and sharing expertise in ESG reporting with your peers.
  • Host a workshop on a specific topic. The SSE would be happy to help you in this endeavour.

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Regulators and policy makers can engage by:

  • Engage in multi stakeholder dialogues on potential options that strengthen the regulatory environment, encourage long-term approaches to investment and encourage sustainability reporting that meets investors’ needs;
  • Strengthen relevant international bodies responsible for equity markets in order to equip them to better address sustainability issues;
  • Participate in the SSE’s Regional and Global Dialogues, workshops and advisory groups to ensure your market’s sustainability and leadership.

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