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Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) 2016 Report on Progress

Year: 2016 Author: SSE Secretariat Download: English

Green Finance: What can stock exchanges do?

Year: 2016 Author: SSE Download: English

Model Guidance on Reporting ESG Information to Investors: A Voluntary Tool For Stock Exchanges to Guide Issuers

Year: 2015 Author: SSE Secretariat Download: English

Communication to Stakeholders (Framework for adaptation by Stock exchanges)

Year: 2015 Author: SSE Secretariat Download: English

Climate, Carbon & Stranded Assets: What do they mean for stock exchanges?

Year: 2015 Author: SSE Download: English

Sustainable Development Goals: What do they mean for stock exchanges?

Year: 2015 Author: SSE Webpage: Download: English


Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) 2014 Report on Progress

Year: 2014 Author: SSE Secretariat Download: English

Best Practice Guidance for Policymakers and Stock Exchanges on Sustainability Reporting Initiatives

Year: 2013 Author: UNCTAD Download: English, French, Spanish, Russina, Arabic, Chinese


Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) 2012 Report on Progress

Year: 2012 Author: SSE Secretariat Download: English, Portuguese


Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) 2010 Report on Progress

Year: 2010 Author: SSE Secretariat Download: English


Other Publications

The Guide for Business Action on the SDGs

Year: 2016 Author: SDG Compass Download: English

Measuring Sustainability Disclosure; Ranking the world’s stock exchanges

Year: 2016 Author: Corporate Knights Download: English

Bonds & Climate Change: State of the Market 2016

Year: 2016 Author: Climate Bonds Initiative Download: English

Green Bond Principles, 2016

Year: 2016 Author: International Capital Market Association Download: English

Phase I Report of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

Year: 2016 Author: Financial Stability Board (FSB) Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure Download: English

WFE Annual Sustainability Survey

Year: 2016 Author: World Federation of Exchanges Download: English

S&P Dow Jones Indices Carbon Emitter Scorecard

Year: 2016 Author: S&P Dow Jones Indices Download: English

Green finance for developing countries

Year: 2016 Author: UNEP Inquiry Download: English

Carrots & Sticks: Global trends in sustainability reporting regulation and policy

Year: 2016 Author: KPMG, GRI, UNEP, Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa Download: English

French  Energy Transition Law: Global Transition Law Global Briefing

Year: 2016 Author: PRI Download: English, French


Statement of Common Principles of Materiality of the Corporate Reporting Dialogue

Year: 2016 Author: Corporate Reporting Dialogue Download: English


Measuring Sustainability Disclosure: Ranking the World’s Stock Exchanges

Year: 2014 Author: Corporate Knights Capital Download: English


Stock Exchanges in Sub-Saharan Africa: capturing intent towards ESG requirements

Year: 2014 Author: The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Download: English


A Roadmap for Sustainable Capital Markets

Year: 2014 Author: Aviva Download: English


Integrated Governance: A new model of governance for sustainability

Year: 2014 Author: UNEP-FI Download: English


Sustainable Investment in Turkey: The Case in Context-An Update

Year: 2014 Author: Sabanci University Download: English


Promoting Sustainable Development: The Way Forward for a Sustainability Index in Turkey

Year: 2014 Author: Sabanci University Download: English


Carrots and Sticks: Sustainability reporting policies worldwide- today’s best practice, tomorrow’s trends

Year: 2013 Author: KPMG, GRI, UNEP, Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa Download: English


Trends in Sustainability Disclosure: Benchmarking the World’s Stock Exchanges

Year: 2013 Author: Ck Capital Download: English


Building the Capacity of Investment Actors to use Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Information

Year: 2013 Author: PRI Download: English


Trends in Sustainability Disclosure: Benchmarking the World’s Stock Exchanges

Year: 2012 Author: OECD Download: English


The case for consistency in corporate climate change-related reporting

Year: 2012 Author: Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) Download: English


Putting investors at the heart of the financial system

Year: 2012 Author: Grant Thornton and ACCA Download: English


Corporate Governance Disclosure in Emerging Markets

Year: 2011 Author: UNCTAD Download: English


World Investment Report

Year: 2011 Author: UNCTAD Download: English


Investment and Enterprise Responsibility Review

Year: 2011 Author: UNCTAD Download: English


Corporate Governance in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

Year: 2010 Author: UNCTAD Download: English


Exchanges and sustainable investment

Year: 2009 Author: WFE & Delsus Limited Download: English


SRI Flash Note, Sustainable Stock Exchanges

Year: 2009 Author: Cheuvreux Download: English


Taking stock: how leading stock exchanges are addressing ESG issues and the role they can play in enhancing ESG disclosure

Year: 2009 Author: EIRIS Download: English


GS SUSTAIN: Challenges in ESG disclosure and consistnecy

Year: 2009 Author: Goldman Sachs Download: English


Sustainability Performance Benchmark: Changing the way we value business

Year: 2009 Author: Maplecroft Download: English


Future Proof? Embedding environmental, social and governance issues in investment markets

Year: 2009 Author: IFC, Global Compact, FDFA Download: English


Show Me The Money: Linking Environmental, Social and Governance Issues to Company Value

Year: 2004 Author: UNEP-FI Download: English


Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Monthly Newsletter

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