The SSE Initiative invites exchanges globally to become a Partner Stock Exchange by making a voluntary public commitment to enhancing sustainability in their markets. In addition, the SSE welcomes participation from securities regulators, investors, companies and other key stakeholders.

To ensure the strategic direction of the SSE, a Consultative Group is being launched and will be comprised of exchanges and other key stakeholders. The SSE offers a platform for ongoing communication, organizes the biennial Global Dialogues, and will continue to create new work streams for interested participants.

Roles of Participants

  • Core Organizers: UNCTAD, the UN Global Compact, the PRI and UNEP-FI (the “Quartet”) will coordinate the SSE initiative and the SSE Consultative Group. Each of these UN, or UN-backed, organizations is active in the area of promoting responsible investment and sustainable business practices and will work to facilitate the involvement of their complementary and overlapping constituencies (i.e. companies, investors and policy makers) in the work of the SSE initiative. Representatives of the Quartet will coordinate the SSE Consultative Group on a rotating basis.
  • Partner Stock Exchanges: Stock Exchanges are invited to make a voluntary public commitment to advancing sustainability, thereby becoming a Partner Exchange. As a second step exchanges are invited to join the SSE Consultative Group. Stock Exchanges, along with other Partners, will play a crucial role in setting the strategic direction of the SSE Initiative through the SSE Consultative Group. In parallel, Stock Exchanges will be asked to make efforts to document their progress by contributing to ‘fact sheets’ on their ESG activities that will be published on the SSE website and incorporated into the SSE Report on Progress.
  • Supporting Securities Regulators: Securities Regulators are invited to publicly endorse the SSE Initiative. Regulators are also invited to take part through the SSE Consultative Group and/or participate through specific events and work streams.
  • Supporting Investors and Companies: Company and investor signatories of the organisations that make-up the Quartet are invited to take part in the Initiative through representatives in the SSE Consultative Group. Beyond the Consultative Group, signatories are also welcome to participate through specific events and work streams.
  • Key Stakeholders: The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) are key stakeholders in the work of the SSE. The organizers of the SSE continuously solicit the inputs of WFE and IOSCO on key activities of the initiative in order to promote complementarity with the work of these organizations.
  • Ad Hoc Project Partners: This category includes institutions that work on specific SSE-related projects (eg Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Carbon Disclosure Project, Ceres, Global Reporting Initiative, International Integrated Reporting Council, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Project Delphi, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, etc.). Ad hoc partners may organize activities through the SSE CG or highlight engagement opportunities being organized separately by these partners.

SSE Consultative Group (CG) Overview

The SSE CG will be composed of professionals from partner stock exchanges, investors, companies and supporting securities regulators, along with representation from the Quartet and the SSE’s Strategic Advisers The SSE CG will participate in quarterly calls, sharing their expertise and knowledge, to provide feedback on the direction of the Initiative and its activities.

  • Composition: Stock Exchange; Securities Regulator; Investor and Company representatives; along with direct representation from the Quartet and Strategic Partners.
  • Activities: Members of the group will be invited to propose and participate in relevant activities of the SSE CG, which can then be organized directly by the Quartet or Consultative Group partners.
  • Commitment: Participate in quarterly conference calls to share information on current and future sustainability activities, respond to strategic questions posed by the Quartet and partners; provide feedback to the Quartet on the strategic direction of the SSE Initiative, as well as define and participate in at least one work stream or event organized by the SSE.
  • Coordination: The SSE Consultative Group will be coordinated by a representative of the Quartet (rotating).