The SSE Initiative invites works with an expansive network of capital market participants around the world. To ensure the strategic direction of the SSE, the SSE Governing Board is advised by SSE Ambassadors and the SSE Advisory Committee. In addition, to ensure that the SSE’s activities benefit from inputs from all capital market stakeholders, the SSE’s Consultative Group includes all SSE Partner Exchanges, as well as thematic experts, and all capital market stakeholder groups from a diverse geographical spread. The SSE offers a platform for ongoing communication, organizes the biennial Global Dialogues, and will continue to create new work streams for interested participants.


Participants Roles:

  • SSE Governing BoardUNCTAD, the UN Global Compact, the PRI and UNEP-FI  coordinate the SSE initiative via the SSE Governing Board. Each of these UN, or UN-backed, organizations is active in the area of promoting responsible investment and sustainable business practices and will work to facilitate the involvement of their complementary and overlapping constituencies (i.e. companies, investors and policy makers) in the work of the SSE initiative. The role of the Governing Board is to provide policy direction, technical supervision, and overall operational guidance. It ensures that resources are allocated to the SSE in line with the rules, regulations, and mandates of each member of the quartet. The Board is responsible for ensuring the alignment of the SSE with UN objectives, as well as maintaining accountability to UN member states. The Governing Board of the SSE made up of the Director or CEO of each of the four partner organizations. Director of UNCTAD’s Investment & Enterprise Division, James Zhan, is currently chair of SSE Governing Board.
  • SSE Advisory Committee: The High-Level Advisory Committee, chosen by the SSE Governing Board, is comprised of C-suite level representatives from the major stakeholders in the area, as to benefit from their advice and feedback on the work of the Programme.  The function of the SSE Advisory Committee is to provide strategic advice to the Governing Board.
  • SSE Ambassadors: The SSE Ambassadors, chosen by the SSE Governing Board, are thought leaders and high-level influencers in areas relevant to the SSE’s work, who can share the work of the SSE and help disseminate its research findings, support its campaigns and contribute to its impact.
  • SSE Operational Team: The SSE Operational Team serves to manage the day-to-day operations of the SSE, including the development and implementation of its annual workplan. The Operational Team is made up of staff members from each of the four organizations of the SSE Partnership Program.
  • SSE Partner Stock Exchanges: Stock Exchanges are invited to make a voluntary public commitment to advancing sustainability, thereby becoming a Partner Exchange. As the SSE’s main stakeholder, stock exchanges play a crucial role in setting the strategic direction of the SSE initiative through the SSE Consultative Group. In parallel, stock exchanges are encouraged to engage with the SSE on their key activities, and their progress is tracked via the SSE’s fact sheets and a yearly engagement summary in the SSE’s impact report. Technical assistance is provided to stock exchanges through donor-supported programs.
  • SSE Consultative Group: The Consultative Group is made up of the SSE’s key stakeholders. The Consultative Group participates in the SSE’s quarterly consultative group calls where the SSE discusses its activities, shares research and guidance and technical assistance on thematic topics. In addition, members of this group contribute to specific SSE outputs based on their expertise or stakeholder group. The consultative group includes all SSE Partner Stock Exchanges, as well as a broader network of SSE stakeholders from all key capital market stakeholder groups.